Debutant course (first steps)

The course lasts 4 hours and concerns basic knowledge about wine. It consists of two parts – lecture and wine tasting. It joins theoritical and practical knowledge. During four hours devoted to presenting knowledge about wine and ways of appreciating its value, participants of the lecture receive a set of essential information which is presented in an interesting and competent way as well as a set of adjunct materials. The participants take part in a professional wine tasting. Every participant of the course, after accomplishing it, will be able to move easily around a fascinating world of wine. This course is an interesting offer which can enrich any insentive or private meeting.

Debutant course – programme

I theoretical part

  • Lecture about what wine is and where it comes from – geographical and historical outline
  • How wine is created: crop conditions and production.
  • Most valuabe and honoured varieties.
  • Classification and typology of wines, knowledge about wine labels.
  • Review of wine regions of the world.

II practical part – lecture and wine tasting

  • Basic rules of wine tasting and its evaluation.
  • Matching food with wine.
  • How can we serve and store wine?
  • How can we choose wine and where to buy it?
  • Interesting facts – famous appeals and great wine makers
  • Best vintages.

Price: 199 PLN

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